• sweat1


    Milk chocolate brigadeiro rolled in milk chocolate sprinkles

  • sweat2


    White chocolate brigadeiro rolled in white chocolate sprinkles

  • sweat3

    Small Rainbow

    Milk chocolate brigadeiro rolled in small size multi-colored sprinkles

  • sweat4

    Large Rainbow

    Milk chocolate brigadeiro rolled in large size multi-colored sprinkles

  • sweat5


    White chocolate brigadeiro combined with pure maple syrup rolled in crunchy maple sugar

  • sweat6


    White chocolate brigadeiro rolled in caramel toffee sprinkles


  • sweat7


    Milk chocolate brigadeiro rolled in white, red and pink small hearts sprinkles

  • sweat8


    80% dark chocolate brigadeiro rolled in dark chocolate sprinkles

  • sweat9


    Milk chocolate brigadeiro rolled in dark and milk chocolate crispy rice sprinkles

  • sweat10

    Half Moon

    Combination of white and milk chocolate brigadeiros rolled in granulated sugar


  • sweat11


    white brigadeiro combined with fresh ginger rolled in honey graham crackers flour

  • sweat12


    White brigadeiro combined with fresh lemon juice rolled in sugar and dried lemon shavings.

  • sweat13

    Black Florest

    Maraschino cherries wrapped in white and milk chocolate brigadeiro rolled in white and milk chocolate shaves

  • sweat14

    Peanut Butter

    White chocolate brigadeiro combined with peanut butter rolled in ground


  • sweat15


    Milk chocolate brigadeiro combined with pistachio paste rolled in organic grounded pistachios.

  • sweat16


    Dark chocolate brigadeiro combined with spicy red pepper jam rolled in cocoa powder and gamished with candied red peppers.


*All Natural + Fresh & Local Organic Ingredients + Gluten Free Options

Please note: Flavours upon availability.


Brigadeiro (bree-gah-day-ro) is the favourite and most traditional Brazilian sweet.

But wait, it’s the same as a truffle, you would say, right?

No, it’s not. Brigadeiro is a chocolate bonbon, made
of a delicious mixture of chocolate, sweet condensed milk, butter and flavouring ingredients, slowly cooked until a smooth texture is achieved. After it cools down, the brigadeiros are rolled and covered with different garnishes.

The final product is a shiny, soft textured, one bite sized chocolate ball of perfection. The ultimate way and size to satisfy your sweet cravings.

VanSweet is a Vancouver shop that crafts the art of the Gourmet Brigadeiro. We handmade our products up to order and we use the best quality ingredients to assure
the quality of our products.

"We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!"

Brazilians and Brigadeiro lovers Carolina Simonsen & Nathalia Tonini created VanSweet in early 2013 in Vancouver, BC. With a long and successful experience with online business Carolina joined forces with the Art Institute of Vancouver graduated Pastry Chef Nathalia to bring the Brigadeiro Art to Canada.




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Different colours and themes decorations upon request – Sports, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Baby and bridal showers, Weddings, Birthdays, Valentines, St Patrick’s and many others.

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